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ioby Fundraiser! Donate today: A Time for Healing

The Hattie Carthan Herban Farm seeks support to continue our ramp up efforts of the apothecary and outdoor kitchen area as well as to help replenish resources in order to continue offering free purification, grounding meditation helpers and key healing resources to people working to care for the Earth and to share and regenerate through ancestral food, soil and herbal practice. As stipulated in the food justice manifesto - "we are committed to being a social movement which does not requires activists to sacrifice their economic wellbeing, health care or personal safety for the greater good. We are the greater good." From its community inception in 2012, The Hattie Carthan Herban Farm has always been about the health and wellbeing of our ecosystem, its members, neighbors and all those finding themselves at the intersections of our societal systems. For almost a decade we've used grassroots methods to remediate and revitalize an oil strewn lot aka brownfield into a thriving community space where all can gather to repair, heal and regenerate through plant and sound ancestral healing practices.


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