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A Presentation on Food Justice: Click here to download the presentation on Food Justice and the impact of Hattie Carthan Community Market and Herban Farm.


Beyond the Kale

Kristin Reynolds, Nevin Cohen; 2016

Urban Agriculture as Social Justice Activism, Academic research informing food policy


Food Justice: A People's Movement Whose Time is Now


Declaration of Youth Food Bill of Rights

Rooted in Community Leadership Summit 2011


Food Sovereignty: A Future without Hunger

Via Campesina, the International Farmers' Movement


Charity vs. Justice
Office for Social Justice, Archdiocese of St Paul/Minneapolis


Healthy Food, Healthy Communities

Lifting Up What Works ®

This report will help advocates, policymakers, community-based organizations, residents, and other stakeholders replicate and create successful models for ensuring that all communities have access to healthy food and the wide range of benefits it brings.


The Paradox of Hunger and Obesity in America

The Center on Hunger and Poverty and Food Research & Action Center


Beyond the Food Bank

Food First: Institute for Food & Development Policy

As food insecurity has increased in the United States the demand for food banks, pantries, and shelters has also developed and expanded. Although food banks are a vital emergency and safety net that keeps the hunger crisis at bay by providing food to people who would otherwise go hungry, they cannot address the root causes that perpetuate and exacerbate hunger in America today. Instead, our growing reliance on food banks may distract us from finding lasting solutions to the hunger crisis.


Food Sovereignty: Development of the Future of Agriculture

Society for International Development briefing from FAO Summit

Towards Food Sovereignty 

An online book with full color photo illustrations and linked video and audio files. It describes the ecological basis of food and agriculture, the social and environmental costs of modern food systems, and the policy reversals needed to democratize food systems. The photos, video clips and audio recordings show farmers, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, fisherfolk, food workers and consumers all working to promote food sovereignty - highlighting the importance of locally controlled and diverse food systems to sustain both people and nature. NOW AVAILABLE: Part I (chapters 1-3), Part II (chapter 4) and chapters 5 and 7 of Part III are available for download. 

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future 13th Annual Dodge Lecture

Malik Yakini, the Founder and Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Wendell Berry: The Thought of Limits in the Prodigal Age

Food for thought as we ponder the future of our farms and a food system that threatens the health and well-being of the land and the bodies that steward it. Educate and Elevate!




The Six Nations: The Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth; Bruce E. Johansen, Donald A Grinde, John Kahionhes Fadden


Principles of Vandana Shiva's Earth Democracy Movement

Earth Democracy: Ten Principles of Justice, Sustainability and Peace

A supplement to EarthLight Magazine #47, (Fall/Winter 2002/03)


Earth Democracy: An Interview with Vandana Shiva

Sarah Ruth van Gelder and Vandana Shiva, Yes Magazine (dec 2002)


How to Craft Water Democracy, Earth Democracy & Survive Climate Change: TreeHugger Interviews Dr. Vandana Shiva

Matthew McDermott, (june 2009)

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

World People's Conference on Climate Change


Corporate Rights

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund


Doing Democracy: 10 Practical Arts
Frances Lappe, Small Planet


Thin Democracy vs Living Democracy
Frances Lappe, Small Planet


Living Democracy Handbook

Frances Lappe


Spirals of Powerlessness and Empowerment
Small Planet

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