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UPDATE: Community Building Work never ends.  On April 17, 2017 we built up the frame for our mural with great treamwork and support.

Mural Painting in Big market - August 20th 2016 10am to 2 pm

All sectors of community are Welcome to design and paint.

Mural Unveiling ceremony at Hattie Carthan Community Market 

August 27th 2016 10 am to 1 pm FULL PROGRAM HERE


Read the news coverage in OUT TIME PRESS, page 15:

Hattie Carthan Community Garden, Thinking About Food Justice

BY Akosua K. Albritton

Join the Hattie Carthan market crew, Justice Tree Mural creators and key players in the local Food movement as we reflect on process and purpose while celebrating the launch of an innovative social justice Mural art project. Looking forward to seeing comrades engaged in all aspects of change-making for the Earth Planet In the market!


The US and global food system is riddled with layers of oppression and inequity in all of its aspects: from concentrated ownership of land and water; to reliance on toxic inputs, destruction of natural habitat, erosion of biodiversity, pollution of air, soil and water; to exploitation of food laborers from field to kitchen; to the lack of access to healthy, affordable food in low income communities and the disproportionately high rates of nutrition related illness suffered by Black and Brown peoples. These aspects are symptomatic of an array of past and present forces that require ongoing multidimensional assessment and contemplation by all sectors of our society in order to achieve equity and justice. Food justice challenges the abuse of corporate power and structural racialization in the food system.

OUR VISION: Food Justice as a Tool for Planetary Transformation:

We use the power of the sun, water, seeds, insects, and ancient cultural traditions to heal ourselves, respect the earth and grow strong. We invite all people to come together in order to facilitate transformation in the Food System and our Planet. At its core food justice is every community exercising their sovereign human right to participate in a just food system


The Justice Tree Mural will be showcased at the head of the Hattie Carthan community market, a grassroots community revitalization project created by food justice farmer and multidisciplinary artist Yonnette Fleming and 13 elderly Hattie Carthan gardeners in 2009. The mural sits on a historic garden site named after african american environmentalist Hattie Carthan.

The Justice Tree Mural is a collaborative project between four NYC food producers, and three visual artists working to cultivate deeper communal awareness about Food & Race in order to envision transformational change on the ground. The Justice Tree is not just visually beautiful, it is a tool to pierce the veil caste by the dominant food system and to reconnect us to earth cycles. We invite everyone to study and discuss the Justice Tree to uncover the layers of meaning it conveys. The mural dimensions are 8.5‘W X 12‘H and it is made with acrylic paint on lightweight vinyl.


Yonnette Fleming – Project Principal Multi disciplinary Artist /Food sovereignty farmer/Educator 
Jhon Coley – Surreal Muralist – Jhon Coley Follow on Instagram@hondrawvolta
Anthony Mc Donald – Lead Muralist - Visual Artist - Follow on Instagram@antart_
Ruby Olisemeka – Urban farmer/ Farm School NYC 2016 Food Justice Class
Omega Sirius Moon - Multidisciplinary Artist
Sean Jackson - Youth Farmer (Hattie Carthan Urban Agriculture Corps)
Dennis Glasgow – Youth Farmer (Hattie Carthan Urban Agriculture Corps)

FOOD JUSTICE MURAL PROJECT SUPPORTERS Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Green Guerillas, Hattie Carthan Community Market

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