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We are moving as a community.  

We are moving out of victim-hood and into our powerful selves!

We reinforce the shared values of our community vision when we work together, grow together, learn together, we share with one another.

To follow the progress of the Food Justice Leadership Collective Click Here.

Hattie Carthan Food Justice Leadership Course:

Educating a new cadre of leaders to work against the arrogance of Ignorance and Structural Design Compromise in our institutions and systems


We began in February 2017 with two weekend sessions in which we looked at the the invention of race, the history of the food system, and the relationship of the two to justice and our community.

Part 1: Food Justice Tenets & Principles / Understanding Race and Class in the Food System

We ask ourselves to dig deep and envision what the future of our Food Justice Project could be with the understanding gained from our first session and independent readings and personal work.


Part 2: Understanding the Food Movement / Charting a Vision for Community Equity

In the Spring of 2017 and 2018 we ran the annual Earth Day Seed Starting Workshop at the Hattie Carthan Herban Farm. We started seeds for the season ahead and delved into the meaning of seeds to our farm, the control of seeds in agriculture and their importance in our food system and work. We looked at the loss in diversity of plant species in the Americas and learned about heirloom seeds and their importance. Participants created their own seed starting mix, looked at growing calendars and discussed the environment and needs of hardy plants.

In the summer of 2017 we organized our first public community workshop - a screening of Race - The Power of an Illusion and discussion. Nineteen people attended representing different ages, genders, ethnicities and levels of previous engagement with the Hattie Carthan projects, and we had a rich discussion. 9 out of 10 attendees agreed that the workshop increased their understanding of race and racism, increased their confidence in
 discussing race, and their interest in studying race and racism and working towards racial equity.

In the fall we gathered to add to and turn the compost, closing it for the season. On the farm, compost provides our plants with nutrients in the upcoming seasons. Compost is a way that we engage with the cycles of life and death, as we recycle the old to build the new.


The Food Justice Leadership Collective that has grown out of this course is an inter-generational working group of engaged farmers demystifying food justice by addressing local food justice challenges and taking required action to create  fair food policies needed for community equity to take place.


We are committed to continuing to build human infrastructure by conducting highly transformational activities, gatherings and educational programs for our garden, farm and market communities while helping local grassroot groups develop cultural, holistic models for change.



Current volunteers 
Artists, drummers and musicians
Market basket members and shoppers
Composters and Recyclers
Herbal immersion participants 
Parents of toddlers in Hattie Carthan tiny tots gardening program
Local gardeners cooperative growing food for our markets
Chicken and bee keepers
Renewable energy enthusiasts
Women producers and makers
Community chefs and local food justice advocates
Alternative media 
Non-conforming gender groups

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