Earth Day at the Hattie Carthan Herban Farm

What a beautiful and productive day! We weathered the rain to learn about seed starting and the meaning of seeds to our future. We started over 40 seeds with our Food Justice Collective and volunteers, and moved a mound of freshly delivered dirt around the farm to spruce up plant beds and pathways. Thank you to everyone that contributed with your hearts, minds and hands.

Celebrating Earth Day with our young people

Telling the story of Hattie Carthan and the Hattie Carthan Community Food Project to our young people, and introducing them to the world of urban farming and all its possibilities is all part of remembering that "we are not just building for us, we are building for what's coming after."

Food Justice Mural Update

Food Justice work never ends. Today we fixed up the frame for the mural so that it can stand taller and stronger. Thank you to all of our volunteers.

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