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The Hattie Carthan Herban Farm is unveiling the Treebute to Our Feminine Sheroes Mural, a collaborative communal project between consciousness catalyst /farmer and sovereignty educator Yonnette S Fleming , two visual artists from the Black Village Arts

collective and young people working on the frontlines of the Earth for food justice and regeneration in the advent of societal system collapse/climate change.

Together we demand NO MORE FEMININE ERASURES as we lift up nine feminine sheroes that helped weave the skein of resilience leading up to this pivotal moment in history.

We envision food justice as ancestral Healing - a call for equity in all our systems and a tool for planetary transformation.

The 8.5’ High by 24’ Wide mural will stand at the Eastern Corner slightly overlooking the beautiful farm and Sunday market. The art piece is intended to stimulate more than superficial conversations about ways to address and repair feminine erasure .stewardship of our green spaces, feminine leadership, emotional labor load, polyvocality in The Commons and equity needed to address deeper systemic issues which promote the injustice and inequities within our food system and all our systems.

The vision of the mural is to cultivate a deeper communal awareness around the contributions of women of color and bring an intersectional awareness of the layers of oppression and inequity in our society. We pray that Lifting Up this Mural of 9 sheroes of the diaspora at a time where women's rights are threatened on the planet remind and inspire communities to exercise their

sovereign human right to reskill ,recalibrate and reframe in order to transform our failing patriarchal systems.

The Hattie Carthan Herban Farm is a community revitalization project that grew out of an oil field reclaimed and designed by Food Justice Farmer/Multidisciplinary Artist, Yonnette Fleming youth farmers and community residents. The farm just celebrated its 10th season providing Bedford Stuyvesant youths and community with cultural programs food justice educational programming and increased access to hyper local food and herbs.

Treebute Mural ManifestTeam:

Yonnette Fleming, Food Justice Farmer/ Multidisciplinary Artist/Conceptual


Dana Barnes Black Village Arts Visual Artist

Miyoshi Plaines Black Village Arts Visual Artist

Robert Peterson – Structural Design & Mural Placement

Mural Support Team

Tracee Brown Land Steward Intern

Fatimah Bah Hattie Carthan Youth Farmer/StoryTeller

Beth Bliss Hattie Carthan Urban Agriculture Youth Corps

Erika Maubrie -Promotions/Press//Reception

Ashley Wiggins – Logistics/{Promotions

Sasha Verna - Media & Documenting

Sean Jackson - Media & Documenting

Alex Antonetty – Media Support

TreeBute to our Feminine Sheroes – No More Feminine Erasures

Supporters: Lily Achiloss Foundation, New World In our Hearts Fund,.

NorthStar Fund- Innovative Activism


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