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JOIN US, Dec 4th A THYME FOR HEALING at Hattie Carthan Herban Farm 4p - 7p

A Thyme for Healing Sunday December 4th 2016 4pm to 7pm - 49 Van Buren Street

Are you feeling stretched thin like an old rubber band by all the uncertainty of our times? Come join us, get fresh perspectives for our time

Are you feeling disappointed in the choices of your human family at this particular time?

Come join us as we heal from betrayal

Do you feel deep inside that the plants offer us limitless expansion of our consciousness and health but are not really sure how to tap into their intelligence? Come learn to slow down and tune in.

Do you feel drained by energy vampires in your circles or on the job but don't know anyone who thinks vampires are real?

Come join us, many energy vampires live in and occupy our fields. So we really understand how to placate those lower energies with the plants for our survival.

Join plant and sound medicine practitioner, author of “A Thyme for Healing" Yonnette Fleming aka Farmer Yon as we lean down to the plant kingdom for instructions and relief in these times.

We will work with lavender for healing the central nervous system and rose for healing the grieving soul. Together, we craft herbal healing salts, relieve our own heaviness by working with organic natural healers in the landscape and discuss simple hand and foot baths used for drawing down and discharging emotional sludge.

Farmer Yon will open the energy grid around pyramid for hands on sound healing from 6pm to 7pm (tuning forks, rattles and native drums as we hold council ,practice our healing attunements from last healing class and send peaceful fortification vibes to our family at Standing Rock . The warm fire will warm our internal organs.

Each participant receives a free herbal salt crafted by their own hands and leaves a happier, lighter Soul.

Come let us gather outdoor to fortify ourselves and connect to the human family!

Apothecary will be open with 2017 farm calendars, Sacred Herbals, smudging tools and herbs, hand crafted amulet bags, handcrafted soaps, bitter melon tea and juice, womb tonics, herbal wands, healing butters, marigold and St John's wort infused oils for scarring, psoriasis and burns leaves, barks, berries for tonics, for your health and wellbeing . Copies of Farmer Yon’s healing book and CDs are also on Sale in the apothecary.

A Thyme for Healing spring herbal immersion course will be announced at winter solstice!

Hope to see you in the healing Circle this Sunday.

Please bring a friend into the Sacred Space.

We are grateful to Citizens committee for NYC, Northstar fund, Jesse Noyes foundation for supporting our community resilience work.


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