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Our Annual Communal Dinner / Fundraiser is just around the corner. Buy your tickets today! Click to

Sunday, November 20th 2016 – 49 Van Buren Pl

Communal Meal/Volunteer Appreciation ceremony 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Suggested Donation: $50 for Dinner Only, $30 for Wine Bar

Enjoy a home grown meal by our very own Farmer Yon, sip local wines and enjoy hor d'oeuvres in the company of your community

Hattie Carthan 2016 Communal Dinner Menu
Dinner Tix $50 Wine, Ferments & Cheese Bar Add $30 Donations gratefully Accepted!
Finger Foods: Smoked mini farm sausages HC Garden fermented foods and pickles Garlic Pork Pumpkin seed and cheddar bread rolls Gourmet cheeses & Olives Homemade flatbreads with assorted toppings Herbal pancakes
Soup: Seaweed soup
Salads: Seafood Salad Green apple and Green tomato Salad Grilled romaine Hearts Spelt pasta salad
Main course Wild Salmon crusted with sunflower seeds Roasted Beets w rosemary H.C Sweet potato Mash Potato/chard curry
Herbal Tea – H.C Marigold Tea Dessert – HC Tomatillo Pie
Produce and Herbs grown at the Hattie Carthan community garden / farm, Grass fed meats / goat cheese Lancaster Farmers, Farmer & Chef Yonnette S Fleming, Dessert chef - HC Alum Isaiah Blake, Flatbreads Chef - Shira Kline

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