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First Day at Marcy Plaza Farmer's Market, 10a to 5p

You may have seen the signs popping up in the neighborhood -

Today is our first day at the Farmer's Market at Marcy Plaza. We are bringing hyper local, mid-week harvested herbs, dried herbs, sauces and seasonings, raw honey, and more!

Join us once a month for ancestral apothecary botanicals, fresh herbs, smoothies.

We are grateful for this collaboration with our sister markets and The Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corps.

This year The markets are also part of a farm to Headstart Pilot Program which delivers food to local families and hosts class trips to help families get to know their local farmers and places where foods are produced.

It takes a village to raise farms and markets. They rely on a vast quantity of human energy and also have the capacity to redistribute that energy to many humans and organisms within an ecosystem or geography.

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