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COMMUNITY MARKET WORKDAY July 14th 2016 11am to 6pm and Volunteer Announcements

July 14th 2016 11am to 6pm COMMUNITY MARKET WORKDAY -

363-365 Clifton Place between Nostrand and Tompkins

We will construct the security building at head of market, add a permanent stall area, create a food justice mural for the head of the market, and do general preparation for our first day of market.

We invite volunteers to show up to register your talents and availability to help in the garden, farm and markets during the 2016 market season.

On July 14th,

We are currently seeking help with the following:

(1) Market Mentors to oversee youth sellers, ensure customer service standards are being adhered to by youth sellers, evaluate and provide ongoing feedback to youth over the duration of the season at the end of each market day, monitor market inventory and stalls periodically and alert youth sellers when stalls need to be refreshed, provide hourly accounting for all market stalls, promote programs in the market and periodically survey market shoppers to rate the quality of their experience

(2) Urban agriculture interns to support the resident farmer with maintaining the farm and market plots during the week. Tasks weeding, watering, staking plants, reporting stressed conditions in the fields

(3) Urban agriculture interns to help with harvesting, cleaning and bundling of herbs and produce every Friday from July through November,

(4) Market in reach interns to help advertise and promote market events and programs

(5) Documenters to maintain food justice page and create blogsite and interactive learning Page for future online trainings

(6) Event planners to organize special events volunteers and produce culinary fund raising events in the fall.

Readers for our children's garden story time program.

(7) Composting enthusiasts to manage the community compost drop-off program in both markets

(8) Administrative assistant to help coordinate and streamline operations in our office and support the Project Director in all areas of managing the food projects. (20 hrs. weekly - Stay tuned for Upcoming Job announcement)

(9) Food justice coordinator - Maintain Food justice Blog and organize ongoing food justice activities, racial justice discussions and processes, oversee special food justice projects and campaigns with Hattie Carthan Urban Agriculture youths corps and market shoppers. Assist Food justice farmer with delivering food justice leadership training in winter months (15 hours weekly - Stay tuned for Upcoming job announcement)

If you would like to be a part of the Hattie Carthan Community Market season experience and yearn for a connection to your food and place, please attend the 2016 Market Volunteer Drive .The Hattie Carthan Community Market officially opens for its 8th season Saturday July 16th, 2016 and the Hattie Carthan After church market opens for its 5th season Sunday July 31st 2016.

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