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Call for Volunteers - Let's Build

Farmer Yon will begin holding open hours for volunteers Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am to 3 pm as she gets ready for another season outdoors as we do the work of preparing our community's food. Check your schedule carefully, simplify your life and walk in to let us know how you can serve. Think hand, heart and mind alignment.

Volunteer applications can be filled on site with Farmer Yon.

All we ask is for mutual respect. Come ready to be a part of something large or to serve the Earth as she heats up. This is community building work. An intern commits 20 hours or more, an ally is a person who understands racism and is willing to work in more than an intellectual way for equity and justice.

Let us work together in the fields furthering the work that Hattie Carthan began before Earth Day became a holiday in the U.S.

We will be working on both parcels at the Hattie Carthan Community Market (363-365 Clifton Place) and Hattie Carthan Herban Farm (49 Van Buren Street).

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