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JUST FOOD Conference 2016

Hattie Carthan Community Market Founder and Community Advocate, Yonette Fleming spoke at the 2016 Just Food Conference on climate change and the complex social issues of our time.

The climate change movement has to develop a narrative that addresses white supremacist capitalism. Divesting from fossil fuel is a big part of the discussion, but so is dismantling structural racism in the food system and all systems. Complex societal problems require a collective, overlap of views and efforts. I think the spectrum of thoughts and approaches represented on the panel was very interesting.

I feel really grateful to Just Food today for the support they provide in the fields and at these forums and dinners and farm trips. It's quite an awesome family.

Our community has expanded so much from just digging those lots,I mean Hattie Carthan market shoppers,the youths,the volunteers,the children who come to the children garden,chicken and egg lovers, composters, chefs, artists who make our murals etc, politicians, green groups, the government,schools. Our community has grown exponentially to be more inclusive of all. I could not have done this work without Just Food and all of you.

I'm going to have my youth program draw on a large board what happened at the Hattie Carthan garden since 2003. Its how a whole culture based on love got started this is an incredible story that depends on the support of all of us. We must have access to land for community development and to heal historic trauma.

I look forward to new volunteers to help us continue building up the first market and recently conveyed farm. Stay tuned for volunteer orientation sessions and workdays. We still have a lot left to do in our market and at lunch counter. My dream is for a market that operates all year round, full of cultural life and vendors.

Seeing all of my students, activists and farmers like myself - university folks, government folks, youths - was nourishing to my Spirit.

Thanks to my co-panel giants Mark Dunlea, Nancy Romer, Eric Welton. It was awesome to be with them on this panel and their incredible spirits making big pushes in their lifetimes.

Long live Hattie Carthan community food projects and the people that stand for justice.

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