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Youth Farmer and Urban Educator Applications Available, Due June 15th

Click here to download a copy of the requirements and application. Read more about the program here.

The Hattie Carthan Community Market will recruit, train and empower youth to grow and identify local food, become market sellers and to lead cooking demonstrations and provide information about the merits of local, seasonal eating in our two community markets in the 2016 market season. In 2016, The Hattie Carthan community market will identify and select 10 young people (ages 14- 23 yrs old) to join its Urban agriculture youth corps and work in the market in a variety of positions operating all aspects of our farmers market and conducting seasonal cooking demonstrations in our two community based markets.

The selected youths will be recruited, mentored and retained by The Hattie Carthan community market through its application process, receive urban agriculture training and mentorship from market founding farmer & seasoned community educator Yonnette Fleming and receive food education training through skilled organic chefs through our food education training program. Youths will learn how to conduct cooking demonstrations focused on local, seasonal, and healthy eating and cooking. Four trained youths will function as dedicated Youth food educators, helping to inspire and teach youths, adults and elders about healthful eating and cooking and how to create delicious and healthy meals for themselves and their families.

Each youth food educator will conduct weekly cooking demonstration workshops for a minimum of 10 weeks at the Hattie Carthan community market & Hattie Carthan After Church markets. Each Youth Community Chef will receive a $50 stipend per cooking demonstration. Stipends will be paid through the Hattie Carthan community market.

Urban Agriculture Youth corps participants receive a stipend of up to $750 in their initial year of enrollment while 2nd to 4th year returning youths receive up to $1000 for 2nd to 4th. 3rd & 4th year returning participants will serve as mentors and assist with training new youths.

Click here to download a copy requirements and the application. Read more about the program here

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