Welcome to the Hattie Carthan Community Market Blog!

Welcome to the Hattie Carthan Community Market Blog!

Did you miss our communal feast on the farm last Sunday?

There's still another chance to commune with local farmers around the dinner table.


*$25 DINNER  *$25 additional WINE and CHEESE BAR)

Checks made payable to Hattie Carthan community garden

Click here to donate to our small scale food justice project today! 


Saturday, November 9th 2013

Communal Meal/Volunteer Appreciation ceremony 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm



Join Hattie Carthan Community Market founding farmer Yon and the Hattie Carthan market crew for a Communal Dinner on the Farm, Markets Fundraiser and Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony .



Outdoors, home grown family style feast w/ fresh bread. Foods grown and prepared by Farmer Yon. Live eco and folk performances, farmy shorts screenings, raffles, artesional local teas, herbal smoothies, local jarred goods, Sacred Fire and more. The Dinner Table will be set for 50 people.

Farmer Yons greens 2013

Admission $25 around the table. *$25 additional  Wine and Cheese Bar)

Purchase tickets for Volunteer appreciation ceremony/communal dinner in the garden (363-365 Clifton Place) November 9th 2013 6pm - 10pm 
T hanks to each of you who show up to commune with us as we advance community awareness of farm culture and seasonal living. There's so much more of the outdoors to enjoy on our farm and in our markets during the cooler months. Come, hunker down with us at our educational workshops,communal dinners and dark season festivals in the markets.

Ancestor Gourde Hut - HC community market

Saturday, October 26th 2013 - HCCM Day of the Dead Intro Features live ancestor altar exhibit

12:00—1:30 pm Healthy candied apples cooking demo

2:00—3:00 pm The use of Food in Sacred ritual workshop with farmer Yon

Face painting ! Craft Table in the Market - Costumes encouraged!



Sunday, October 27th 2013—Hattie Carthan After Church Market—Day of the Dead Celebration and Bottle Tree Art Exhibit Features live altar exhibits created by nature ceremonial artist extraordinaire Farmer Yon, the use of food in Sacred ritual workshop, skull making workshop, face painting, candied apples cooking demo, drum circle, and more.

2pm—3:30pm Healthy holiday treats (carob apples demo w/ youth chefs)

3:30pm—4:30pm Pumpkin carving w/ community artist Anuva Kalawar

3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Sugar skull making workshop w/ artist extraordinaire Kelly Horrigan

4:30pm-6pm The use of food in ritual w/ herb farm founder Farmer Yon. Community ceremony , decorating communal ancestor tree and altar with decorated skulls. This ritual ends in Ancestor Speaks council.

Results from our day of the Dead events:

Communal Altar - Community artist /Space design specialist Yonnette Fleming

All Day of the dead bottles and sugar chrystals designed by community residents. Sugar skulls workshop facilitated by Kelly Horrighan





Farm carved pumpkin

Results from our Healing Sunday communal dinner event:

Twas heavenly time for all attended. over 50 people of all ages came out to commune with us on the farm as we collectively reflected on our current food system and what our needs are as a community.

Hattie Carthan community food circle - How are you accessing the nutrition your body,mind and Spirit needs?

There's still much more in store for you in the urban outdoors this season! We have been feverishly harvesting our herbs and moving them to the medicine cycle for our community. Please visit the community apothecary at the Herb Farm this Sunday to get the herbal supports your body requires to thrive.

Farmer Yon's rosemary blend ready for the apothecary

Healing Salves,butters and massage oils being created for the herbal apothecary - Farmer Yon


Young vegetable starts growing on the Hattie Carthan farm for our Winter harvest. Join us as we plant garlic next week!

The food was fresh and seaweed soup a heavenly reminder about the importance of preserving the integrity of our bodies of water. New herb farm volunteer Julissa expressed deep concern for the fishing industry and the wellbeing of our ocean during council. Others spoke about the need to taste the flavor of the food and to have acces to simple traditional foods of their ancestors. Our weekly basket recipients all spoke of the importance of having a community of people who take food and all of its aspects and cycles seriously and are intentional about nourishing the plants and Earth.

Farmer Yon reminded dinner participants and wellwishers on the farm about the fact that the human body and cells need high vibrational,nutrient dense foods to thrive and that each community should ensure access to these high vibrational foods. Others in the council expressed their gratitude for the dedication of the youths and volunteers who show up in the wind and rain to ensure that people can receive healthy local foods in the communities where they live.

We held prayers to the pollinators,organisms in the compost that help make our fertile humus,we expressed gratitude to the elements and honored the ancestors throughout the gathering.

"Our quality of life is not some form of provilege, but our birthright." explained farmer Yon as she told the story of how she cleaned the asphalt from the roots of the maples that call the farm home.

The communal dinner was an intergenerational event attended by seniors,adults and young children.

The dinner ended with an improv communal musical journey. We are grateful to all of the creative people in our community. Together we will forge a food and farm culture in the urban city setting a template for health in the city.


Check out our communal dinner menu :

Healing Sunday at the Hattie Carthan Herban Farm  Communal Dinner Menu Fundraiser

Tix $25 –Donations gratefully accepted


October 20th 2013 3pm to 4pm – Community food council

                      What does your body need to function effectively and to live a quality of Life and how are you managing to access those needs within the Bedford Stuyvesant community?

4:30pm -  6pm – Communal Dinner around the Table


Finger Foods:

Smoked mini farm sausages

Pumpkin seed and cheddar bread rolls

Split peas fritters



Sea lettuce and Shi So Soup



Hattie carthan garden Salad

Golden delicious apple salad w/ goat cheese & walnuts

Purple cabbage slaw


Main course

Roasted butternut squash w rosemary and farm butter

Stir fry collards with cranberries

Saged sweet potato mash

Boney BBQ ribs


Herbal Tea – Warm Spiced Sorrel


Dessert – HC Fresh Custard (H.C fresh eggs)


Produce and Herbs grown at the Hattie Carthan community garden/farm

Grass fed meats/goat cheese Lancaster Farmers

Youth cooking demos with Youth chefs Kurt Purrier,Kwamaine Bility

w/ food education Mentor - Farmer Yon

  Did you also miss baking bread with community ! It's an activity that could never be resimulated.

10/29/13 bread baking workshop



You still have another chance t break bread with us at our Nov 5th communal dinner . There will be 50 seats around the table!


See you in the garden, on the farm or in the markets soon!

Farmer Yon demonstrates creative ways to work with fresh produce







Farmer Yon, the HC Urban Agriculture Corps ,volunteers and the green family!

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